Creating custom or personalized canvas prints

Most of us are aware of the option of popping into a gallery or visiting a website to buy canvas prints that have already been made. That option makes things easier and quicker for all of us. Have you ever thought of creating a personalized home environment? Yes, it is possible.

Personalized canvas printing or personalised canvas prints offer you the opportunity to bring your taste into the print and then to your walls. You will finally feel that you own the art work and the print too.

One way of personalizing your canvas prints is using a Easy Canvas Prints design tool. Such tools allow you to not only upload a photo of your own and choice and have it used in processing the canvas works, but also allows you to customize the artwork using image retouching techniques.

An Easy Canvas Prints design tool allows you to choose the size of your canvas work, for instance from the standard 0.75″ to the gallery wrapped 1.5″ finished sides. You can also select between image wrap, mirrored wrap, or custom hex code colors.

To create custom or personalized canvas prints in UK, you just visit a website which allows creation of custom canvas prints.

Before starting to create a canvas print, check the pricing information or ask the provider: some will post that information online and you can check how much it will cost you to order canvas online in the personalized category after creating one.

For instance, a 8*10 size of .75 inches will be less costly than a 8*10 1.5 inch canvas. The two are also less costly than framed 8*10 canvases. The price increases as the size increases in the three categories; 0.75 inch, 1.5 inch and framed categories.

Once you click “start now” or “design now,” you are taken to a page where you choose your desired type of product from the canvas prints, wall displays, photo blankets, collages, metal prints, wood prints, slat prints and pillow prints.

Let’s take an example where you want to create a wall display. After making that selection, you are taken to another customization page where you select the number of canvases, which defines the display area. For instance, 3 canvases might cover a 26 by 38 inches area while 5 canvases can cover a display area of 26 inches by 54 inches. Pricing varies depending on the number of canvas and display area these canvases can cover.

After that you can upload your images and do other customization. You then add to cart in the normal way of ordering canvas prints and then print.

If you are doing a real canvas print, you will be directed to the page where you select the size of the canvas and then can proceed to upload your image and do other customization. Remember, various canvases are priced depending on their size, which you can also customize, say from a drop down menu.

You can order canvas prints in the custom categories if you are an indoor pillow designer. In this case, you can do and customize your own designs in terms of photo, image and colors before printing.


Advantages of Using Canvas Art and Prints

Using a canvas art and prints is the current talk of the town in interior decoration. Canvas art is the most elegant choice for an individual looking to decorate his house with something that carries panache and finesse. The substantial increase in wall art has been observed after the introduction of digital canvas arts and prints in the market. Just select a picture of your choice and create a digital canvas art from that. For capturing a beautiful moment you can even use your picture of someone you love for example, ‘you playing with your cute dog’.
It is also a creative platform for an aspiring photographer and interior designers to be more explorative. You can use your clicked pictures and create canvas prints from photos. If you are a professional photographer, then you can also sell your clicked pictures. You can also experiment with different arts in various part of your room.

To choose the best canvas prints

To your advantage, canvas arts comes with an extensive range of shapes, sizes, styles, designs and colours. Be creative and choose a canvas which satiates all your purposes with a refining taste.  Always select pieces that complement each other. If you are interested in only one piece of design per wall, then you should purchase a large piece of canvas art too, or you can boost that interior designer inside you and start experimenting with combining different designs.

Selecting an appropriate style

Choosing an appropriate style depends on the build of your house. If you want to decorate some traditional architectural building such as Victorian style mansion, then you should go for traditional style canvas art and prints. Use a heavy and decorative frame while mounting it on the wall.

Decorating a modern house with modern furniture and equipment requires modern styled canvas and prints. The essence of modern art is its space usage and clear areas. Don’t overcrowd the wall with too many wall arts. To give your canvas, an ultra-modern look, go for prints with no frames. Don’t use different styles while decorating or it may look chaotic. Always go for one particular style.
Photo4me deals with canvas printing services, you can upload your picture and get your canvas art delivered at your address made of finest material. We provide a platform for artists to sell their art on our website. We bring arts and artists together.

The Beauty and Benefits of Printed Canvas Photos

Treasured moments of life captured on your camera lens should be cherished for a lifetime. To do absolute justice with the memorable moments captured on the lens, quality craftsmanship is required to bring them to life. One can do that by printing photos on canvas.

Personalised canvas prints offer long-term benefits as your precious moments are offered excellent protection with resistance to regular wear and tear and eventual deterioration.

Unlike traditional techniques of photo printing, canvas photo prints have many advantages. Some of them are:

Great Longevity

Canvas prints offer exceptional longevity as they are made with high-quality material and provides maintenance free service for multiple years. Due to their sturdy quality, canvas prints are used in art galleries and museums that remain intact for hundreds of years.

Great Looks and Appeal

Canvas prints have a touch of professional look unlike the cheap glossy version of other prints. Canvas prints lend a touch of elegant appeal to the photos and is a great addition to accentuate the royal feel of your home.

Convenient Editing

Personalized canvas prints offer you the freedom to customize your photos to suit your preferences and choice. According to your room space availability and picture requirements, you can modify or edit your photos on canvas prints in the colors and sizes you desire. With room for creativity and enhancement, canvas prints offer unique solutions to cherish your photos for life.

Easy Framing Option

Framing adds new heights to the printed photos on canvas. After the process of printing photos on canvas is completed, the next step of framing comes into the picture. Unlike the conventional photographs, framing canvas prints are much easier and can be done more effortlessly to heighten their appeal.

Unique 3D Prints

Canvas prints stand out in the crowd as opposed to the traditional photos given their unique quality and detail. Instead of lying flat against the wall, canvas prints provides three-dimensional effects to your photos.

With many reliable Photoshop websites online, it is easy for you to find cheap canvas prints online at great deals, convenient ordering system, and secured payment options.

How to Hang your Canvas Prints

                                                                                                        Online canvas printing is common nowadays, a reason you should learn how to post them. With proper hanging, you can do a great facelift in your house. Of course, the first step starts at selecting a great canvas print online. From there, you need the right materials, learn the right height, mark your spot, and then deal with the nail that pops out visibly off the wall.

1. Height: Many people tend to hang their canvas work too high. The height of the wall can be varied based on a number of factors. Canvas prints and other artworks should be hanged in such a way as to relate to the rest of the room, furniture and other materials inside the room. The material should be hang in such a way that it is a cohesive unit and not to force the viewer’s eye to split the room into multiple segments. The eye level for most people is a good guide for the height for hanging the canvas prints. For most people, this height is about 58” and 60” high. Make sure the center of the canvas is within this height.

However, canvas prints have different sizes: a height of 36” high and greater is appropriate for the larger pieces of canvas prints. These larger pieces should be hang in such a way that the bottom of the first third should hang between 58” and 60”. A height of between 8” -16” is great when hanging canvas prints above the furniture, but that depends on the height of the furniture in question and the space of the wall above the furniture.

2. Marking a spot: You should be prepared with a chalk after your online canvas printing project is completed. You might have noticed that all stretch and staple canvas art prints have saw tooth hangers. However, some hangers are not at the center. The hanger should be at the center of gravity on the canvas art piece and if wood on one side is heavier, the piece should still hang straight. Use chalk to place a mark on the little raised bump right above the center tooth of the hanger. Line the canvas art piece straight with the wall where it is to be hanged and make contact at the point where the chalk was rubbed such that a mark is left on the wall. This is where you need to put the nail.

3. Drilling the nail onto the wall: Using a small finishing nail is enough because canvas print is very light. Therefore, it is great to consider online canvas printing. You can also easily adjust the nail if there is a mistake. If you are hanging the piece on plaster as opposed to a drywall, this nail might need to be cut into two using a pair of pliers. The plaster and drywall are the most common interior wall materials you have come across. Apart from the limestone-based plaster, there is a more popular gypsum-based plaster.

Why Are Canvas Prints Suitable For Wall Decor?


Decorating your office, home or any other personal space is a delicate task to do. People not only want their rooms to look stunning but also prefer that the designing should be budget-friendly. You must be very particular about choosing your wall arts or hanging canvas prints, which add a display to the colours of your room.

Fine art prints are mainly of three types. The basic one is on printing paper, medium on archival paper and the premium quality one on canvas. Canvas prints look spectacular on the walls and change the appearance of the room totally. Personalized canvas prints are also in trends today. Be it a family function or vacation, wrapping them up in a canvas helps to immortalize the precious moments.

Discussed below are certain points that specify as to why canvas prints are best suited for wall decor:

The Classy Look: Canvas prints give that classy look to your walls. These wall hangings have a textured look and almost appear like original paintings. These prints are made using the premium quality of ink jet printing. Owing to this, they reflect less light and thus you can have a glare-free look of the artwork. They have a soft texture as the colour absorption in case of the canvas is far better than paper. You get to see a perfect artwork in canvas prints because of the quality of materials used.

Easy To Clean
: Even if you maintain your house properly, dirt and dust always tend to settle down making the prints shabby. It is important that you keep the wall arts clean so that they look good. Canvas prints are very easy to maintain. These prints have a protective coating on them which prevents the UV rays from harming the work of art. This coating also protects the print from dust particles and fingerprint smudges. Use a smooth damp cloth or a brush to wipe out the dust particles from the prints. After this, the canvas print can also be dried in sunlight to make it appear livelier.

: Canvas prints last for a long period of time enhancing the beauty of your house. Mainly there are two types of canvas that are used for printing purpose. One is made out of plastic compounds while the other is 100% cotton based. Both these types are durable for a long time period as they have properties that prevent the elements of nature from damaging them. Moreover, the canvas prints do not fade out easily like the normal paper-based art. The canvas prints that are based on plastic, do not turn yellowish at all even when they are exposed to nature for long. So, your investments in canvas prints are far more worthy than the other forms of fine art.

The Prints Are Large
: The colour absorption in the case of canvas prints is so good that you can print large sizes of the art form at a lower resolution. They can be made double the size of the normal paper prints.

With all the above advantages that canvas print offers you, they are your best choice when it comes to hanging a fine art print on your walls. You can choose lovely canvas print themes of your choice for wall decor.

Decorating Your Sober Dorm Room With Photos Printed On Canvas

College memories are special and they deserve to be cherished for a lifetime. You can use your most amazing and memorable college-time pictures and get them printed on canvas to decorate your dorm room. You can get creative and try adding your own signature style and graphics to the picture for an absolutely super canvas print to enhance the interiors of your dull dorm room.

Brighten your college and dormitory life by getting adventurous in the right sense. Kill your boredom with photographic skills and designing expertise to capture the best moments of your youthful lives with superior canvas print photos. Displaying your artistic abilities through canvas prints is the most wonderful way to decorate your dorm room. To ignore an annoying snoring partner or furniture-less dorm set-up, you can try a good make-over session with lively canvas printed pictures.

There are two diverse types of photo canvas print that are available in the market.
a) Custom-made or personalized prints from your old photos
b) Stock images that are prints made from random stock photos.

You can even choose from single or multi-panel methods to print on canvas. There are again two types of material available for photo canvas prints; cotton print material produced by high-quality cotton fibres (they enjoy an extended lifespan) and polyester print material made from cheap synthetic threads (they have a short lifespan).

With internet connectivity, you can turn all your canvas dreams into reality. Boost your artistic talent by canvassing your pictures and transforming your lack lustre dorm room with delightful canvas print photos. There are several online canvas printing studios and canvas printing experts who can help you know more on this subject.

If you desire to frame your canvas print art-form; there are various framing options such as gallery wrapping and varnish. In gallery wrapping, the canvas is put on a wooden frame and fixed with glue or stapler. However, Varnish is more popular as it provides better UV resistance and also protects the canvas print from damp conditions. Nowadays, there are more selective framing options available in the online market.

Canvas print care and maintenance:
After you have renovated your dorm room into a charming homely place, you need to take appropriate care of your canvas print photos so that it may remain clean and attractive for decades.
Some handy tips include keeping the canvas away from harsh sunlight, which can make it fade quickly.
Keeping the canvas print in a dry area to avoid distorting the image within.
And a regular weekly dusting of your canvas print with a thin linen cloth to help you cherish your great canvas print art work for years to come.

You can do your research and study online canvas printing sites to obtain fresh ideas and inspiration. All you need is a quality smart phone to click A-grade pictures of your college scenario. There are many reputed canvas printing websites offering affordable solutions to transform your images and photos into a great canvas print picture.

Types of canvas gallery wraps and their pricing

There are two types of canvas gallery wraps: the traditional and the new kind. Both come at different pricing if you are asking how much does it cost to make canvas prints from photos. If you are purchasing a canvas wrap, it is important to check out that it is what you intend to buy. For instance, some companies sell the new kind and call it traditional type. Each of the type carries its own advantages and disadvantages or limitations.

Knowing the different types of canvas gallery wraps helps you determine which is right for your business if intending to make canvas prints from photos in UK.

Traditional gallery wraps

The traditional gallery wrap comes with a solid frame. The canvas is printed and wrapped around the stretcher frame to have taut, drum like feel at the front. It is necessary to look for a canvas that has the wrapping done properly so that the canvas will not loosen over time.

There are also options for finishing the back of this canvas, which you can consider if intending to make canvas prints from photos to use in your business. For instance, you can leave the back open. The wire hanging system is inserted inside the stretcher frame. This is preferred by most people because it helps to have the gallery hang flush against the wall. You can also spray warm water on the back to have the canvas naturally tighten itself in case there is a poking damage.

You can also have a finished back where a sturdy art paper that is glued to enclose the back of the gallery wrap is used. You can also add saw tooth hangers to the stretcher frame for hanging.

Canvas wrap blocks

Some companies refer to these as traditional gallery wraps but are not. In this case, the blocks are made of super sturdy Masonite, pressed paper or cardboard. Although its sides are solid just as is the case with traditional gallery wraps, the front surface is also solid. A hard black backer board or other materials are used to finish the interior on the back side. Instead of having the canvas hand-stretched and wrapped around the frame, the canvas is glued to the hollow box frame and stapled to the back. The corners are tucked into the frame after assembling has been done, such that the customer cannot see the folded corners on the outside of the frame.

Still, there is variety of options in regard to finishing the canvas wrap blocks. You could, for instance, buy one finished with a hard black backer board and on which the sawtooth hangers have been added.

Buying custom-made traditional canvas gallery wraps is the best way of having the appropriate size for your needs. Many companies also run websites where they display various sizes of traditional wraps and are a good choice if intending to make canvas prints from photos. You can scroll through options to buy your right size. You can also get different depths: 0.75″, 1.5″, and 2.5″. Some companies can also do custom finishes on canvas including doing a digital stretch, natural wrap, putting a border and using the color of your choice.

Canvas blocks come in limited sizes because the process of making them requires specific equipment. Again, large canvas blocks would turn out to be heavy and need extra support when hanging because the Masonite will add some weight.

With regard to pricing, canvas blocks are less expensive than traditional gallery wraps because of the differences in manufacturing materials and processes. For instance, solid hardwood is used to make the traditional gallery wraps and each one of them is custom-made and stretched by hand.

To decide which one to buy, consider the quality of the final printed piece, material quality to make the gallery wrap and how long you intend it to last on the wall.