Decorate Your Walls With Contemporary Canvas Prints

A canvas print is different from canvas painting in terms of its presentation. Canvas printing entails image printing on a canvas whereas canvas painting entails image painting on a canvas. In canvas prints the image printed is permanent. Since the canvas has a different texture it renders a more intense colour depth to the print. Besides being light in weight the prints come in both glossy and matte finish. For attaining a ‘painted effect’ canvas prints are a preferred choice for interior decor. The durable plain weaving on the canvas makes it a more affordable option. Order canvas prints online to transform your home walls into a visually aesthetic gallery of images.

Types Of Wraps Available On Canvas Prints

Just like original artwork, prints on canvases too require stretching around wooden ‘stretcher bars’ to render a stiff look to the canvas by making it self-supporting. Buy cheap canvas prints online available in three wrap or stretching options-

Gallery Wrap- In Gallery wrap image presentation happens in the following manner: Centred and wrapped around 11/2 ‘’stretcher bars with all the 4 sides properly stapled to the back. The gallery stretching is ideal for images where the objects are centring in the middle with a lot of background on all sides. Gallery stretching works well without any kind of separate framing.

Museum Wrap – In Museum wrap image presentation happens in the following manner: centred and outlined with white borders on an 11/2 ‘’stretcher bar, thereafter wrapped and stapled on the back. This is ideally, done for images where objects in the image appear near to the edge. The objects nearing to the edges do not require stapling or wrapping. Images on the museum wrap too can work without framing.

Standard Wrap- This kind of wrapping is ideal for framed canvases. Here the images are centred on 3/4 stretcher bars where all the four sides are properly stapled.

Breathe Life Into The Walls With Cheap Canvas Prints Online

Artwork forms an intrinsic part of home decor the kind of canvas print one wants depends on one’s artistic vision and the kind of environment one wants to place it in. To make the canvas prints long-lasting and durable make sure to the keep them away and free of moisture or debris. Get customisable canvas prints by getting a personal collection of photographs printed.

Collages are another great form of canvas print as it displays multiple unique pictures. To achieve the perfect blend of traditional and modern texture on the canvas prints, opt for framed canvases in black wooden and white frames. Another trendy approach to canvas printing is the use of acrylic prints on the canvases. The acrylic print canvases are vibrant and radiate a glasslike glossiness which is appropriate for decorating the home with striking travel pictures and pictures of panoramic landscapes.

Experience Modern Interior Styling With Canvas Prints

Order canvas prints online, and designs a personal gallery at home. With canvas prints, one can transform their usual pictures into a work of art. The canvas prints are beautifully crafted with unique highlight features, which add elegance to the home walls.



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