Tips On Lowering Cost Of Canvas Prints

It is possible to find — and easily — cheap canvas prints online. But before you rush, know a few tips about what makes a canvas print good quality.

In particular, a canvas print can go for around only $1 per print and it will last for 100 years without fading or yellowing. Besides, you could also get the possibility of printing a wide spectrum of colors at the greatest amount of density and sharpest resolution (equal to an inkjet canvas quality) at the same cost.

Also, the level of quality we are talking about for the cost of $1 per print is afforded with finest and most technologically advanced inkjet canvas available today.

Consider that there are different materials for making canvas prints, with the cheapest said to be 800M, mid-priced being Chromata White and the state-of-the-art Lyve canvas being most priced. It is also possible to cut down the price to about $1 with enough expertise and below cost-cutting tips.

However, if you are very much concerned about the costs being very high, you can use a few tips to reduce costs.
For cheap canvas prints online, 60% of your overall cost per print is made up of stretcher bars, economizing the stretcher bars and stretching process overall can help reduce your costs.

Consider that the bars can be made of pine wood, but there is also a less costly option, fir wood. It will see you save 50% or more in most cases. You can also use 12’ stretcher sticks and cut/join them in a house instead of buying the pre-made bars when making many print pieces (to drop another 50% of cost). Of course, the process of making your own canvas can be tasking but as you can see it will save you a lot of money.

Notice that it might be important to learn how to do it to avoid wastage of materials. If you are unsure, you can buy pre-made prints or order custom cheap canvas prints online that are done with your preferred images or artwork and material.


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